A further excerpt from the history of Free Masonry by D. Murray- Lyon.


Vol.1  Chapter XXXl – Page   322


The ‘Arch  was  introduced into Ayrshire between the years 1771 and 1778, through the medium of the Hibernian element which then permeated the Lodge St. James , Newton-Upon-Ayr. Whether during the period mentioned this body also dubbed Masonic Knights cannot now be ascertained, but its pretensions to the knowledge and practice of degrees other than those of Craft Masonry were supported by its assumption of the title of ~ Super Excellent Royal Arch Lodge of Ayr ~  a designation which it received partial acknowledgement at the hands of some of the Sister lodges , but which it subsequently saw reason to abandon. With the resumption of its proper title the lodge St. James not only continued to work the Royal Arch. Degree, but conferred also that of Knight Templars and was through its members the means of creating within its own Province  a taste for these Orders.

It was to the Military Lodge of Ayr and Renfrew Malitia into which the Royal Arch had been introduced by Lodge St. James Newton-on-Ayr in 1779. In 1825 the Grand Lodge of Scotland deemed it expedient to make new arrangements in classification of the province and that we find that St. James  Newton-on-Ayr is mentioned 2nd, on the list , proving of its  existence then, and  showing that Lodge at. James was very  much  alive  in the early days.






An excerpt      from old Masonic Minutes dating from 4th. January 1771 till September, 1924              


A Meeting of Grand Committee was held in Exchange Coffee House on 4th, Jan.  l771, when Secretary read a petition in the name of David Cumming and others residing in the New Town of Ayr, craving a Charter of constitution and under the names and titles of St. James in the New Town of Ayr, The same was granted —

                          Mary’s Chapel                                                  Dr. Bayne White. M.R.
                          St. Giles                                                              Wm. Barclay,  M.
                          St. David’s                                                        Robert Korne, M.
                          Musselburgh                                                    Bro. Wright, M.
                             Also Grand. Secretary and Clerk.


                                Copy of Charter was not found in the Charter Book.

From that date of Charter until 1868 all records seem to be lost, no one seems to be able to trace the old Minute  Books, although efforts have been made by the Lodge in the past as I will show as I go on. Although not knowing up till ten that efforts had been made to recover these I made special efforts on my own behalf and for the benefit of the Lodge, but to no effect — the first real start in the history of the Lodge .is in the Minutes of Grand Lodge dated 1st. May, 1868, when Grand Secretary presented  petition of the Lodge St. James, Newton-on-Ayr praying for reponal on Grand Lodge roll and which being in order and properly recommended to accede to the application and repone the lodge to its former position in the Grand Lodge Roll..

Perhaps a little departure may be taken from the minutes just now. The Royal Arch made its way in Ireland in 1751, in America in 1758 and in Germany in l780, it was not until 1778, three years before Germany, that Royal Arch began to be heard of in the province of Cunningham, Kyle and Carrick. The degree was introduced into Ayrshire through the medium of the Hibernian element which is believed to have permeated the lodge St. James Newton-on-Ayr shortly after its erection by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. As its pretensions as to the. knowledge and practice of degrees other than craft Free Masonry was supported by its assumption of the title of Super-Excellent Royal Arch Lodge of Ayr  and with the resumption of its proper titles the Lodge St. James, not only continued to work the Royal Arch degree, but began to confer that also of Knight. Templar and was through its members the means  of creating within its own district a taste for these orders which in 1800 were denounced by the Grand Lodge of Scotland as having no connection whatever with St. Johns Masonry.

It might be interesting to mention the origin of Kilwinning.  In 1743 Ki1winning  receded from the Grand  Lodge and kept out till 1807 when a re-union took place, she having been placed first on the list with the right of its own master to be the Provincial Grand Master for all time • The Grand Lodge, having no particular place to meet, in 1809 bought premises for the same price as  we bought our own lodge, namely £1,400 and converted them into what might be termed the first free Mason Halls.

We shall not get back to the Minutes again. On 28th. of April, 1868, the Lodge Ayr-Newton St. James

No.125 was re-opened on the above date after a dormancy of twenty years, by the following brethren, who were duly authorised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, on the receipt of the by gone debt being duly paid:— Bro. James Crone, R.W.M., Wm. Gibson, Thomas Edgar,Alexander Gibson, James  Rowan, Senior, John Irvine, and Hugh Dickie  the above brethren being duly affiliated, the election of the Office Bearers was commenced, and the following being nominated and accepted

Bro. James Crone R.W.M.                  William Gibson, W.S.W.                     Thomas Edgar, W.S.W.

Alexander Gibson, Secy.                     James Rowan, Treas.                           John Irvine, S.D..

Hugh Dickie, J.D.                 Hugh Baird, Tyler.

12 th. May 1868,   the first Brethren  to be entered were Bro. James Rowan Jnr. And Archibald Irvine, our late esteemed Brother.  The Lodge always went from Labour to Refreshment, and the J.W. gave notice that it was high twelve.

13 th. May, 1868.We find that the said Brothers, . James Rowan Jnr. And Archibald Irvine, were passed and raised on the same night, so, there were no Bye-Laws that time should elapse between Degrees.

7 th. May, 1868     The Lodge sent a deputation to the laying of the Newton Mission Church Foundation Stone. On returning, they decided to meet on the first Friday of the month.

7 th. Aug, 1868     Lodge met in the Blue Bell Inn when Hugh Ferguson was entered, and on 25 th. Sept. the said Bro. Was passed and raised.

6 th. Sept. 1868.  We find the next Bro. To be initiated was the late Bro. Robert McKelvie, whom some of you

                                would know. But he was already a F.C. and only had to be raised to a master mason.

4 th. Dec, 1868.     It was decided that twelve sashes to be procured before the 25 th. Which was St. John’s Night.

On the same night, Bro. James Crone proposed that Bro. D. Murray-Lyon be admitted an Honorary Member. I might state at this stage, that they had  a lot of emergency meetings, only a day or so intervening.

18 th. Dec. 1868. The Secy. got orders to issue circulars for the 25 th. To Sister lodges, to celebrate the festival of St. Johns, and 5/- be allowed to decorate the hall.

25 th. Dec. 1868, the first annual festival of St. John’s was held in the Blue Bell Inn after twenty years

dormancy. Two Brethren  received their first degree, after which the following Lodges were received in due form. Ayr Kilwinning, Ayr Royal Arch, Ayr and Renfrew Malitia, St. Paul’s. Troon Navigation, Irvine St. Andrew’s, Dalmellington Kil. St. Thomas.

Bro. D. Murray-Lyon also fraternised for a short time. A deputation was also sent out to visit the Sister Lodges in the town and thereafter returned, and then all being delighted with the decorations, the Lodge was closed in due form.

We pass on till 5 th. March, 1869 when we find the business was to raise a subscription for Bro. William Martin, R.W.M. of Ayr Operative 138 also an account from Bro. J. Campbell of Ayr St. Paul’s for making three chairs £1. I might say  that this might refer to the three old chairs which you see here.

There evidently was a very poor meeting as they could not open on 2nd. April, 1869.

We pass on to 5th. November, 1869, when a nomination of Offices was held and the Secretary, having given  up Office • At this meeting, the Lodge  voted out of its funds a sum to form a benevolent fund for poor Brethren.

19th. Nov. 1869, the business being  scribe down the fees of the Secretary and Tyler, the R.W.M. having proposed that both get 20/- as against a previous motion of 40/-, Secretary  having been asked if ho was agreeable to same,  but declined, still the Lodge allowed 10/- for decorations.

On 3rd. December, 1839, Bro. James Crone was again re-elected R .W . M., there were two deputations, namely Ayr Royal Arch and Ayr Operative 138.

16th. December, 1869, there appears to have been  hitch with the new secretary, Bro.  James  Rowan, Senior, he

 having been instructed to read a statement of the affairs of  the Lodge, refused and it was left over to another night, 27 th. December , 1869, St. John’s Night was held and there wore deputations from Ayr, Kilwinning 124,  Ayr Operative 138, Ayr Royal Arch and St.  Paul’s, also the usual visits to the  sister Lodges in town.

1st. April, 1870,     no meeting not sufficient.

18th. Nov. 1870,    the nomination of Office Bearers was held and it was also proposed that they meet on Wednesday to practice Office Bearers Duties.

2nd, Dec. 1870,     a Pro. James Gilpen was passed and raised and the previous nominations having been gone over and duly elected, including the said James Gilpen elected Secretary.

13 th. January, 1871. We find of those living today,  namely David  Austin, ho was initiated on above date.

On 8 th. May, 1871, the anniversary of the Lodge was held in the Blue Bell Inn, Bro. D. Murray- Lyon Grand

 Lodge Steward was present, and gave a history of the Lodge.  Lodges represented were Maybole Royal Arch 198. Ayr  Royal Arch l65,  and Ayr Kilwinning, 124.

22nd. August, 1871, the committee met to see that the chest and chairs were remove to their new meeting place,

 Tam o’ Shanter Hall, and that 4/9d. be given for refreshment for loss of time. Three degrees were conferred afterwards at the Lodge meeting on two sea captains.

30th. October, 1871,             it was proposed. to get flag and jewels repaired for St. John‘s night

20th. November, 1871.         We find the Provincial Grand Master, Colonel Muir intended paying an official visit to Lodge Ayr Kilwinning, Boat Venal, when the books would be inspected -- books found correct.

27th. December, 1871 the festival of St. John’s was hold in the Assembly Rooms, the R.W.M. of Ayr St. Paul’s

                                204  presided as agreed upon

3rd. July, l872 -      in their new halls Masons Arms Inn,  a special meeting was called for the brethren, to sign

 their signatures for Bro. Earl Rosland to retain his post as Grand Master and to be admitted to Grand Lodge.

25th; November, 1872, a letter was read from Grand Lodge increasing the fees of entrance and diplomas  from

                                 8/- to 10/6d....the Lodge did not agree  to this.

16th. December,  1872, the Lodge met to make arrangements  to go to the funeral of the late Bro. Crone,

                                 R.W.M. There  was some discussion re. dress, as the  friends objected to Masonic regalia.

18th. December, 1872, funeral of time late Bro. Crone, R.W.M.

23rd. December, 1872, read letter of condolence. On this date Bro.  John Murray was elected R.W.M..

24 th. February, 1873, memorial address taken personally  to the widow of the late Bro. Crone.

                                on 2nd. April, 1875, Bro. William Martin was initiated.

2 nd. April,1873, Bro. William Martin was initiated.

28th. April, 1873, Bro. Robert Logan of whom marry of you would know was elected Secretary , and

Bro. William Martin received his second Degree.

8th, May, 1873, a special meeting was called as the R.W.M. was tendering his resignation, an explanation

                                 having been given. the R.W.M. moved Bro. David Murray-Lyon of Ayr St. Paul’s be elected

                                to fill the office as R.W.M. as and from the date till December. This was done as an  act of

 appreciation for services rendered by Bro. David Murray-Lyon on  their return to Grand Lodge Roll.

30 th. June, 1873, a committee be formed to draw  up a code of bye-laws.

26th. May 1873, a complimentary visit was made by  Ayr  St. Paul’s, headed by Bro.  William D. Chambers

                                 R.W.M. in honour of the election of Bro. David Murray-Lyon  to the membership of Lodge

                                 St. James.

November, 24 th. 1873 Bro. John Murray was re-elected R.W.M. It was also proposed that a copy of 

                                Murray-Lyon’s history of the Lodge of Edinburgh be bought.

December 15th. 1873, the purchase of 13  silver jewels at £17 from T.B.Yuille, Jeweller.

June, 20 th. 1874. Proposed to have trip to Ballochmyle and that they take their wives and sweethearts.

30th. November, 1874, Bro. David Murray-Lyon , Past Master  presided for the election of Office bearer.

25th. December, 1874. The balance on Treasurer’s        hand was £7-2-5d,               

29th, March, 1875 New Secretary appointed Jas. Rowan, Senior.

11th. October, 1875  Bro. Peter McIntyre sang a song composed by himself and which was ordered to be

                             entered in the Minutes.

27th. March, 1876. Motion that Book be got to sign in attendance, but amendment carried that they sign on front

                             of Minute Book.

15th. September, 1876. Letter from County Lodges inviting to attend at the laying of foundation stone at the

                                 docks for the 19 th. Brethren met at 12.30.

9th. October, 1876. Special meeting to consider visit to Glasgow to attend the laying of foundation stone of

                                 Glasgow Post Office on the 17 th.----- 12 attend.

27 th. December, 1876. Presentation to Bro. Rowan, Secretary. Jewel for services rendered.

26th. February, 1877. A motion was carried that we instruct our proxy to favour D. Murray-Lyon as Grand


13 th. April, 1877. Proposal that St. James go in for a new hall. Scheme defeated. Charity Box be inaugurated in

                             the ante-room.

27 th. May, 1877. Charity Box gifted by Bro. D. Caldwell, S.D.

25th. February, 1878. Lodge St. James asked to be tenants the New Masonic Hall by Mr. McIlwraith. – offer

   declined. Discussion over £5 arrears to Grand Lodge.- statement to be given by Grand Lodge of income, expenditure and intromissions for last five years And, having a certificate from Grand Lodge for our dues up till June 1 st. the Grand Lodge are entitled to serve us with diplomas so long as we pay our dues 5/-.

26th. August 1878 . Decided that Lodge jewels be used at monthly meetings.

25th. August, 1879. Request of arrears  by Grand Lodge  of £1-10.- to be paid. Test fee of 2/- inaugurated and to

be paid quarterly. Secretary to advise the Brethren accordingly. Roll Book to be revised and signed by those when attending.

27 th. August, 1879 New Bye-laws read and new law added re. Test fees.

24th November. 1879. Provincial visitation. R.W.M. to sign minutes.

27 th. October 1879. William Murray elected 1879.


26 th. January, 1880. Re. Relic. G.U.C.L.P.H.  D.A.T.L.Y.H.C.R.L.D. Guclph Canada Monday Evening

Dec.15 th. 1979 vol. XVI ,No. 141 A Masonic relic. A despatch to the Hamilton Times from its Toronto Correspondent says…..

                            “Last night at Coates Auction Rooms, the Masonic diploma of Soutar Johnnie, Burns’ friend

    in Tam o’ Shanter was sold to Mr. J. Robertson of the Evening Telegram for 178 Dollars. In the corner of the diploma is fastened a lock of Highland Mary’s hair. The certificate bears the seal of St. James’ Lodge, Ayr, Scotland, October 6 th. 1790. It is looked on as the oldest Masonic relic in existence. There is a printed paragraph relating to same in Minute Book.

31st. May, 1880, Letter from Grand Lodge  asking if test fees levied and. if there is a benevolent fund. Destitute

                                 Bro. Outside tested, a Collection raised by the Brethren of the m Lodge on his behalf.

28 th. June, 1880. Presentation to James Rowan of an oil painting of himself, on going abroad, for services

                                 rendered. Said Bro. Visited the Lodge not long ago.

9th. August, 1880. Letter Re. Admission of Matthew Thomson. Agreed to admit.

29th. August, 1880, Printer summoned for not fulfilling order for cards. Lodge received 9/2d. in settlement.

20 th. October, 1881. Grant of  £2-2-0 to Mother Kilwinning for new hall.

19 th. December, 1881. Tyler allowed 5/- to provide his own refreshments. Ayr Kilwinning offer the use of their

                                 hall at 20 New Bridge Street at £3 per annum.  Accepted.

25 th. January, 1882. First meeting at 20 New Bridge Street.

27th. January 1882. Congratulations from Grand Secy. On obtaining a hall apart from licensed premises and was

                                 laying it before Grand Lodge. The question of working tools and an altar was also considered.

2 nd. March,1882. Ayr Kilwinning grant use of their altar, and to be painted on blank side.

27 th. March, 1882. Presentation by Bro. D. Caldwell of pair of compasses and square made of Wainscot Oak.

29 th. May, 1882. Charge by Lodge Kilwinning R.W.M. against St. James of destroying walls of hall. Apology

                                 demanded by St. James. Altar to be painted.

26 th. June, 1882. Apology given by R.W.M. of Ayr Kilwinning, 124. Lodge asked to attend laying of

                                foundation stone at bridge at Cumnock..

12 th. July, 1882. Lodge agree to go to Cumnock on 15th. For laying of memorial as above.

21 st. August, 1882. Lodge invited by Lodge Mother Kilwinning, No. 0 to attend laying of memorial stone of

                                New Free Church at Beith on August 26 th. – 9 present.

28 th. August,1882. Request by Grand Secretary for arrears of 5/- for Annual Certificate. The R.W.M. asked if

 any of the Brethren could point out what the sash was Emblematical of in  Masonry. On his part, he could find no use for them and considered they should be abandoned, and asked the Brethren to consider same.

25 th. September, 1882. Lodge invited by Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrew to assist Bro. Archibald

                                 Campbell, P.M. in the laying of memorial stone at new Masonic Hall at Paisley on Saturday

                                7 th. October.

2nd, October, 1882. Deputation cancelled owing to some not going  to turn out.

19th. December, 1882. A deputation attended  Mother Kilwinning No. 0 at their festival of St John’s on

26 th. April, 1883. A meeting was called to discuss the propriety of purchasing this property.

A few of our members met privately and considered the matter and resolved to offer £500 stg. for the property, the halls fittings and furniture. A bond of £450 has been offered at 4 ½ %. 7 members have offered £5 stg. as shares of loan.

The offer was submitted to the Committee of the Benevolent fund of Ayr Kilwinning 124.

On reply they would dispose of the whole property as it stands for £530 stg. After being discussed for a considerable time. the past Master John Murray moved and William. Auld seconded that we stick to our offer of  £500 stg.

The R.W.M. William Murray moved amendment and seconded by Bro. Andrew Wilson that £515 be offered and that a committee be appointed to meet William Mitchell and Gardiner. On a show of hands 5 for amendment, 8 for motion.. the R.W.M. and Treasurer were appointed to meet with the three Brethren of Ayr Kilwinning Lodge no. 124 who were waiting in the adjacent room.

   The R.W.M. called upon Bro. D. Caldwell to occupy the Chair until his return, the deputation having retired, the Lodge was called to refreshment. After harmonising for some time, the deputation returned with the good news that our offer had been accepted. When some conversation took place in regard to the taking of shares, the R.W.M. requested every Bro. try to take as many as possible and not be detrimental to himself and it would make the bond lighter.

30 th. April, 1883. Committee appointed to  manage the affairs with power to employ a law agent and arrange

                             how subscriptions be obtained.

7 th. May 1883.the committee resolved to float as many £1 shares as possible. Share holders to be paid interest

                             at 4%, same as bond holder. The largest share holder to  be paid their interest

immediately after the bond interest is paid.

9 th. May,1883.Committee authorised to print circulars giving them an opportunity of taking shares. The St.

James committee reported having purchased the Masonic Hall and premises in New Bridge Street, including furniture, furnishings and gas fittings as they now stand at the price of £500. And that the titles of said property take in the names of seven Brethren and their survivors of them, and their successors in office, and to borrow in security of the Lodge.

28 th. May. 1883, Maybole Royal Arch asked the Lodge to join in a sail to Rothesay in June and to name a day


30 th. May, 1883. Roof to be repaired. Offer by members to be repaired gratis in spare time.

27 th. June, 1883. Ayr Kilwinning Lodge 124 granted use of halls till end of the year. The gas used to be paid


24 th. Sept. 1883. Deputation asked to assist in the laying of foundation of the new Municipal Buildings,

                             Glasgow, and decided that the deputation get their fares paid.

17 th. Dec. 1883 Lodge invited to attend at the annual festival of Mother Lodge.


28 th. Jan. 1884. Charity box sent round the Lodge and £1: 6: 2 ½  collected and agreed to give to a Brother 25/-

              The said. Brother had died before the next meeting.

29th. Feb.  1884. The Lodge had a social and dance in these halls and had a small balance over.

26 th. May, 1884. A letter was read from St. Paul’s 204 requesting the use of our hall until their hall was ready.

It was unanimously agreed to grant the use of our halls for three months from date at 1/- per night for gas and to wash it once during that time and be responsible for any damage that may occur during their occupancy.

29th. May, 1884. Copy of letter from Lodge St. Paul’s.


                                                                                                                           Ayr., 27th. May,1884.

Dear Sir and Brother.

I am directed by Brother D.W. Chambers to acknowledge receipt of yours of 22nd. granting St. Paul’s hall accommodation for three months and beg to convey to you his and the committee‘s sincere thanks and to as sure you we will be happy to accept.

I am, Dear Sir,

Yours f & f

THOMAS  BROWN. Secretary.


14th. August, 1884. It was moved that St. Paul’s 204 receive no more hall accommodation after the allotted time

                                August, 22nd. and that they make  payment for gas and get hall washed before leaving.

25th. August, 1884. Secretary instructed to inform Lodge St. Paul’s of the  previous resolution.

10th. December, 1884. Lodge Mother Kilwinning invited to attend annual installation and festival.

19th. December, 1884. Bro. Steen presented a complete set of Lodge Books which wore gratefully


26th. December, 1884. St. John’s festival,  among the  deputations was one from Carrick Fergus No. 43 of the

 Irish Constitution headed by Bro.  McMeiken, P.M. (Secretary’s cash statement  at end of old book No. 1).

25th. May, 1885. The R.W.M. stated that Pro. James Faulds had requested  the loan of a jewel for the occasion

 of laying a memorial stone at Doonside  House. The request was not granted as it was  irregular and against Grand Lodge Laws . The said Bro.  Faulds was refrained, from turning out in Masonic order on said  occasion.

29th. June, 1885. Proposal that Lodge Furniture be insured..

14th. September 1885. Instruction class held.

28th. September, 1885. Secretary Bro. Thomas G. Leitch instructed to write up the Brethren’s names

 in the new Roll Book.

18th. December, 1885.   Auditors report, Income                            £52-6/—.

                                                                                        Expenditure £38-4-3

          Balance...... .      £      4-2-3

     Lodge property valued at......................£580

                  Furniture and Jewels at...................     £  70

                  Balance on hand..............................     £    4: 2: 3

                                                                                   Total £654: 2: 3

                                                               Deduct Bond.£400
                                                                        Shares             53

Showing Lodge to be worth £201:2:3.


23rd. December, 1885. Lodge grants to Bro. J. Murray, P.M. £1 to  disburse  to necessitous brethren who may

                                call upon him.

29th. Mar. 1886. Gift of cushion for altar by Bro. James Cumming. Also  report       of the social and ball  held to

                                 be a huge success.

26th. April, 1886. Proposal to erect panel over fire-place and two verses from  Burns to be put thereon. This had

                                been brought about by Brother Adam  Hume Smith offering 10/- towards the filling in of said


10th. May, 1886. Lodge takes inventory and said furniture to have a stamp of MC/125 on same.

26th. July, 1886, Request from St. Marnock 1091 to attend at the Burns’ demonstration in Kilmarnock.

20th. December, 1886. Balance credit of lodge £202

31st. January, 1887. Request for use of cellar by Bro. James Cumming for the public house.

11th. .March, 1887, Hamilton Nimmo and A. Ogilvie recognised for services rendered in respect of leaving the


25th. April, 1887. Presentation of handsome cushion with emblems - it by Brother Thomas Steen, the work

                                sewn by Mrs. Steen and her daughter and  thanked for their work.

1st. June, 1887. Deputation at the laying of foundation of Maybole Town Hall. 18 present.

15th. October, 1887. Deputation to the laying of stone at Dumfries Post Office,      the contractors for the work

                                belonged to the Lodge, namely: D. Kirkland   and W.G. Fergusson. There were two notable

                                members  in the procession namely: John Jardine 238 and Frank Shannon 189, being the

                                oldest masons in Scotland. One of which was taken note of by the Prince of Wales.

7th. Nov.  1887. Committee meeting when Brother Thomas Steen brought up the letting of hall to lodge 204.

20th. February, 1888. Bro. Matthew Burns, 2nd. Gordon Highlanders, got his 1st. degree. He at present is living

                                in Maybole.

26th. March, 1888. Bro. William  Murray presented one of the principal stones of the old Mercat Cross in Ayr

                                and which was taken down about  hundred years ago and that another brother would be at the

                                expense of building same over the door to hall. It was agreed that a small subscription be put

                                up to note its origin.

31st. May, 1888. The P.M. moved that lodge 204 have the use of hall for £5 per     year for the monthly meetings,

                                and at other meetings to be 1/- Same charge   to include coal and gas.

25th. June, 1888. Votes of thanks to Bro. William Murray for stone and to Bro. J. Cumming for defraying cost,

also thanks for giving celestial and terrestrial balls by the R.W.M. Bro. William Murray.

24th. September, 1888. Bro. R. Logan offering to teach the .brethren music  lessons free to those who care to

                                come forward.

29th. October, 1888. Donation of carpet 8ft. x 6ft by Bro. .Gilfillian.

28th. January, 1889. Bro. A. McLelland conduct questioned while with a deputation to Lodge Tarbolton 135.

                                Said brother to tender apology to the R.W.M. of St. James also the R.W.M. of 135.falling an

                                apology, he would be expelled and reported to Grand Lodge.

25th. February, 1889. Bro. A. McLelland call to order as an entered apprentice and informed of the  action of the

                                Lodge. Humble apology given.

29th. March 1889, Matthew McBlane Thomson initiated ( and expelled later )

4th, July, 1889, Halls renewed to Lodge St. Paul’s at same terms.

29th. July, 1889. Lodge invited by Troon Navigation to assist welcoming home of the Duke and. Duchess of


25th. August, 1889. Letter read from Lodge St. Paul’s 204  as to Suspension of Bro. Irvine

                                from Lodge. No notice being taken of same, and no reply be sent.            

28th. October, 1889, 15 attended at Lodge Tarbolton  laying of foundation stone.

24 th. Feb. 1890.. Resignation of A Mitchell, R.W.M. 31 st. March, 1890 and election of Bro. Hugh. R. Wallace

                                 as R.W.M. who presented the Lodge with ring as an appreciation and to be worn by each

                                successive master.

13 th. June, 1890 Presentation to Bro. William Murray, P.M. for his 10 years service of a      Past Master’s jewel

                                and a ring for Mrs. Murray,

28th, Ju1y, 1890. Let of halls to Early Grand Encampment.

5th. Nov. 1890. Candidate John Davidson, Joiner having been accepted,  refused to be prepared and  with no


25th. Jan. 1891. Bro. Matthew McBlane Thomson called in question for disrespect to chair.

16th.Feb. 1891. Apology given by the said Bro. Matthew McBlane Thomson at a special meeting called to

                                                consider same.

23 rd. March, 1891 If Early Grand want use of hall, rent to be £3 and 1/- for emergencies

6 th. April, 1891. Bro. Matthew McBlane Thomson ejected  from lodge by Senior Deacon after a vote taken.

27th. April5 1891~ Motion to suspend Matthew McBlane Thomson

25th. May, 1891. Letters  of complaint, ten in all to Provincial Grand Lodge against the R.W.M. and copy letters

                                also entered.

8 th. July, 1891.Procession to the Low Green. St. James altar on loan to Provincial Grand Lodge when meeting in Town Hall. Unveiling of Burns’ Statue and march through town.

31st. August 1891. Motion by  Bro. Matthew McBlane Thomson and seconded by Bro. A. McLelland that Secy. Be instructed to try and find where the old minute books were and try to get them into possession of Lodge.

256 th. Oct. 1891. Bro. D. Murray-Lyon written to Re. The Old Minute Books.

6 th. Oct. 1891 – Reply letter to R.W.M.

Mr. James Jack, Secretary,

125, Ayr.

The reference to St. James history written in 1873 were not drawn from any old Minute book of the lodge,

                Yours faithfully,  D. Murray-Lyon, Grand Secy.

26 th. Oct. 1891 Bro. Nathanuel Phillips then moved that we advertise in the Observer and the Ayrshire Post for

                                the lost minute book and stating that a reward will be given to anyone returning it or giving

                                information. Secy. to see to  same and that there be no less than 4 insertions.

25th. January, 1892. Secretary to write to Ayr St.  Paul’s 204 that  in future to use their own altar and

                         like-wise caution  them to be more  careful in future, and not destroy the furniture in lodge

                          they, had done the alter.

29th. Feb. l892~ In reply as to tenants  it was stated that we had as tenants the Royal Arch No. 18 meeting under

                                the wing of St. Paul’s. the Ayr Priory he thought not worth counting as they had only met

                                twice in the 18 years.

21st.March 1892. Committee appointed to see R.W. Office bearers  of No. 18 for past rent.

30 th. May,  1892. Proposal by Provincial Grand Lodge to form convalescent home  for Ayrshire and asking

                                for support of St. James.

22nd, Sept. 1892. Special meeting, Re. Charity Box being pilfered. Estimated  that 18/-  had been taken.

                                                Tyler challenged over same. Also Past Master’s  jewel went a-missing.

27th, Dec. 1892. Past Master’s jewel  found as it bad got to bottom of the box, and was  only found when taking

                                                stock  of the lodge furniture.

15 th. March, 1893. Joint committee of St. James and St Paul formed to arrange Church parade both to share the


27th. March, 1893 Report of Church parade a success.

25 th. Sept. 1893. Invitation to attend consecration  of Lodge Kilwinning No. 0.  l8 attend.

22 nd. Dec.1893.  A ballot taken as  to whose shares were to paid out and as follows , Thomas Steen  £5

                                D. Kirkland £5 and  William Fergusson £4.

12th Feb. 1894, Proposal by St. James to have a joint ball, St Paul’s  reply - season was too far gone.

30th, April,1894.  A Doctor Ogilvie asked the lodge to accept some very interesting photographs

                                                (Shown these )Accepted,

25th. June, 1894. Special harmony. The Tyler Bro.  Jolly gave a step dance.

7 th.  Jul y, 1894 . About 20 of St. James along with St. Paul’s and Ayr Burgh band paraded from the hall to Ayr

                                                Station and thence to Waterside and assisted in the laying of memorial  stone of New

                                                Established Church  by the. Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Cochrane.

                                                On return from station marched to hall in a pre sent and orderly manner.

30 th. July, 1894. Lodge decides to have trip  to Belfast.

27th. Aug.   1894. Report given of the above trip and the fine time they had. by  Bro. McBlane Thomson  next

                                offered to  St. James the following ancient and genuine diplomas. The lodge cordially thanked

                                Bro. Thomson and Bro. Caldwell from whom they had been received.

29th, April, 1895. Walls  of halls washed down, walls cleaned and arranged that St. Paul’s pay half the expense.

                                Lodge put off Roll temporary by mistake of  Treasurer not paying the fee, but made right.

20th. August, 1895. Special meeting called to confer Honorary membership that eminent mason, Wallace Bruce.

                                 The resolution conferring Honorary membership was passed with acclamation.

27th. January, 1896. Invitation from Lodge St. Paul’s  to attend at the 1aying  of the memorial stone on Friday,

                                February, 7 th. at 2.30 p.m.

3 rd. February, 1896. R.W.M. had promised a deputation of 40.

7th. February, 1896.  Lodge opened for the purpose of marching in connection with laying of memorial stone.

43      attended. Letter from Bro. Thomas Cochrane Esq. Past Provincial Grand Master

proposing  to send his photo as a memento to the lodge.

26th, September, 1896. Deputation of 19 from  Belfast of Lodge Thomas Ballantyne No. XX1.,

                                harmony followed.

30 th. Nov. 1896. St. Paul’s expressed regret  at parting from Lodge Newton-on-Ayr No. 125., but hoping that

                                the brotherly feeling which existed between them would continue.

22 nd. June, 1897. the Lodge met for the purpose of marching to the Low Green and thereafter to the Victoria

                                Bridge Ayr,  to take part in the laying in the foundation of the Bridge.

27th. February, 1899. Resignation of Pro. H.R. Wallace of Busby  and Cloncaird  and sends ring of office that it

                                be worn by each successive Master of the Lodge, in all time coming upon all Masonic

                                occasions. Within the ring, is the following inscription…“Presented to Ayr St. James 125 by

                                Pro. H.R. Wallace of Busby, Cloncaird-R.W.M. 1890,”

29 th. September, 1902. The Provincial Grand Secretary, Pro. James Orr Sinclair, gave a lecture on knocks and

                                essentials. Letter  of thanks to Mrs. Thomas Steen for the doing of the lodge cushion.  Death

                                of Bro. John Murray, P.M. Condolence from St. Paul’s  and  special reference  to condolence

                                which was to be framed and hung up on the lodge.

29th, December, 1906. Festival of St. John, Along with the other visitors was Bro. George Younger of lodge St.

                                Mary’s No. 1 Edinburgh.

21st. February,  1906. Loss of £30 on the annual concert.

26th. February, 1906. A letter was read from Bro.  Herbert J.Williams Wellington, New Zealand, P.G.M. Grand

                                Lodge of New Zealand  with reference to  a hand written masons diploma, issued  by this

                                lodge to Robert Wilson on 29 th. June, 1808,  and offering  to obtain same on behalf of the

                                lodge. Bro. Lang moved that Bro. Williams be thanked for his letter and that the lodge do

                                nothing in the way of obtaining the diploma. Agreed to.

11 th. June, 1906.Lodge on fire. Left to R.W.M. and Trustees to settle with fire insurance.

25 th. June,1906. Received £201 from Insurance an remitted to a Committee.

27th. August, 1906. Offers received for work of restoration Lowest offer of Bro. John Davidson accepted of

                                 £175-l7-11d. Notice of motion that Souter Johnnie’s apron should be placed in the custody  of

                                trustees of Burns’ Cottage during the alteration of Lodge premises.

24th. Sept. 1906. Apron to be left in the bands of the Secretary.

29th. Oct. 906, A letter from Bro. H. J. Williams, New Zealand was read, sending the old diploma referred to in

                                previous correspondence. (See minute referred to 26 th. Feb. 1906 above ) When Bro. Paton

                                moved and seconded by Bro. Graham to record in the minute an expression of the Lodge’s

                                appreciation. Secretary instructed to write tendering the thanks of the Lodge. In said Minute there was reference to the Editor of  Scottish Masonic historical Directory, Glasgow referring

                                to Bro. D. Murray- Lyon being initiated in St. Paul’s  Lodge, also to the fact of Burns’ Souter

                                Johnnie  having acted as Tyler of that Lodge. Committee appointed to draw the Editor’s

                                attention to its inaccuracy as they were both associated with St. James 125.

                                Tyler reported for leaving his post and censured.

25th, February, 1907. We find that the Lodge has been paying the 2 nd. instalments for work done in alterations

                                at that time £50 to Pro. J. Davidson and to J. Fulton £25.

29th, April, 1907. Tyler reprimanded for leaving his duty. Tyler pleaded that he was ill.

27th. May, 1907, Pro. Graham, Senior Warden then referred to the R.W.M. Bro.  James Jack’s kind proposal to

                                hand over to the Lodge an enlarged photo of Souter Johnnie ‘s diploma …… to mark the

                                event,  a harmony was held.  Also a proposal by Bro. Lyon that Souter’s apron be put in a

                                glass case in the Souter’s house at the moment for exhibition and that a rent should be charged

                                for the use of it. Or a subscription  box in aid of the benevolent fund for the  lodge should be

                                placed beside it. It was left to Bro. Lang and the Secy. to write Mr. Dunlop on the subject. An

                                amendment against same was defeated.

5th. June, 1907. Special meeting and harmony in which Bro. James Jack presented to the Lodge the enlarged

                                 photo which he had obtained of Souter Johnnie’s diploma. In the Essence of his remarks, Bro.

                                 Jack  said  “I have pleasure in handing over to the Lodge this  photograph, the diploma itself,

                                the older brethren of the Lodge will remember is in Canada. more than 29 years ago it was

                                sold by public auction ( see newspaper cutting and lodge minute of 26 th. Jan. 1880 )

                                Bro. Jack stated that it was the letter of Bro. Herbert J. Williams P.G. Master of New Zealand

                                recently received  which suggested -to my mind the of getting a photograph  of Souter

                                Johnnie’s diploma and accordingly, I got a photo taken of the two diplomas. Signed by

                                Souter Johnnie as Junior Warden in 1796. Also a photo of his apron and sent them out to Bro.

                                J. Ross Robertson who holds the diploma asking him if he  would kindly send a  photo of the

                                diploma in return. Bro. Robertson replied thanking Bro. Jack and promised to send the said

                                photo as required.

1 st. Oct. 1907. Harmony in King’s Arms to present Bro. Graham with gold Albert and a Masonic pendage on

                                his going abroad.

3 rd. Feb. 1908 Special meeting called to consider proposal to break through between the. two halls and carried.

                                Only one dissenting.

24 th. Feb. 1908. Nothing.

29th. June, 1908. Proposal to take down old property belonging to Mr.Allan which was next the lodge

                                instruction to see that cellar was left intact and water tight

29 th. Oct. 1908. Proposal to censure the Tyler rejected..

26 th. Feb. 1909 Desk made from rafters of Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0 and handed over by

                                Bro. Andrew Mercer R.W.M.

10 th. May, 1909 Presentation to Bro. Jack of his portrait and one dozen cabinets, copy of which is hung up in

                                the lodge  on the occasion of his going abroad.

31 st. May. 1909. Deputation from Prestwick headed by Baillie McSwan and Mr. Shaw, town Clerk asking

                                St. James support them to get a charter for a new lodge. Lodge promised to help them also

                                help in degrees.

18 th. Sept 1909 . Opening: of Prestwick Lodge. 23 of a deputation from St. James. Of those living today, John

                                Borland, William  Dunlop, John Meikle, D. Hogarth and A. Mercer  (abroad) well received.

29 th. Nov. 1909. Those elected to office of today. William  Dunlop, S.W. John Meikle, Secy. John Boyd,

                                S.D., D. Hogarth, J.D. and Bro. Blackwood, Inner Guard.

20th. Dec.1909., Bro.A.L.Mercer’s portrait presented to the lodge. Also Bro. C. Murdoch to be dealt with for his

                                conduct to some of the members of  the Craft.

20 th. May, 1910. Lodge at funeral service in Old Church on the occasion of the death of his Majesty King 

                                Edward  7th.

25 th. July, 1910. Accession to the throne of King George 5th.

31 st. Oct. 1910. It was proposed that a case be made for the Souter’s apron.  Proposed by Bro. Tom Burgess,

                                seconded by Bro. William Dunlop.

9 th. Feb. 1911, Lecture by Bro. McBlane Thomson on Masonry as practised in U.S.A. the continent and Great

                              Britain. And accorded a vote of thanks

10 th. Feb. 1911 Funeral of Bro. Phillip Murray, one of the largest funerals of my time.

29th. May, 1911.Request by J.B. Fergusson for loan of the Souter’s apron when it was decided to retain same in

                                the lodge.

31 st. July, 1911. Old bond being called up when a spontaneous offer from Bro. Higgins and Bro. Kay of £150

                             each to the lodge on loan. The balance £50 to be taken from the lodge funds.

30 th.  June, 1915. Election of myself as Secretary.

25 th.  Jan. 1915. Expulsion of Matthew McBlane Thomson, Secy. to write for explanation.

26 th. June, 1915. Funeral of Bro. Higgins, one of our Bond holders.

22 nd. Feb. 1915. Roll of Honour to be kept of all engaged in the Great War. Also power given by Grand Lodge

                      to relieve all soldiers of fees during that time.

12 th. April, 1915. Offer from Insurance Company a sum of £80  after Lodge premises were burned.

28 th. Aug. 1915. Request to pay off the late Bro. Higgins’ bond of £150 to increase Bro. Wm. Kay’s bond from

                                 4 ½ % to 5 %

13 th. Sept. 1917. Lodge propose to pay off Bro.Kay’s bond of £150 . Bro.Kay agrees to accept the same.

29 th. April, 1918. Bro. Sam McHarg proposed that an illuminated address be given to the widow or next of kin

                                 of those brethren who fell in the Great War.

27 th. May, 1918. Election of James French as Tyler.

3 rd. March, 1919. Move to look for more commodious premises and offer to purchase Baptist Church at £1500.

                                 Committee to see to same and take in shares. The Brethren having promised £121 in shares

                                the same night. This happened in Bro. Dunlop’s year.

15 th. May, 1919. It was moved that the returned soldiers and their wives get a picnic free. It was also agreed to

                                have a football tournament in Beresford Park and confined to the Craft. Also a golf

                                competition and a bowling competition. Showing the enthusiasm at the time.

26th. May, 1919. Roll of Honour to be got, also 100 Roll of Honour Certificates. Also re.  proposal of Colonel

                                                G. Pearson and Bro. T. W. McIntyre to present a marble tablet to each lodge to commemorate

                                                those who had made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War.

27th. June, 1919. 22 brethren received their mark degree.

14th. July, 1919. Special meeting  of building committee having been given the opportunity to purchase

                                Baptist Church it was necessary to increase the offer. I proposed £1750.

4th. August, 1919. Brethren  took part in Peace Day Procession and  afterwards were entertained to light


25th. August, 1919. Fees raised. to £5:5:-

25t.  September, 1919. 16 received their third degree.

6th.  November, 1919. 52 received their mark degree.

23 rd. Feb. 1920. Mark stone presented by Bro. William Dunlop, P.M.

13 th. March, 1920. Consecration of St. James  U.F. Halls. Representatives from 55 lodges.

12th. April, 1920. Petition presented to  lodge asking  them to sign so that they may get a charter to open a new

                                 lodge: on a ballot vote the lodge decided against signing unanimously .Proposal to draw up a

                                sketch history of the lodge to be put in the Masonic directory of the year 1922.

17th. December, 1920. Funeral of Bro. Logan who was Tyler for many years.

10th. January, 1921. Committee to draw up sketch history, Bro. Wm. Dunlop, P.M. John  Boyd and Secretary

21 st. March, 1921. Roll of Honour to be got. Roll of Honour  tablet to be fixed in the East along with Roll of


7th. April, 1921. R.W.M. and Secretary to appear at Grand Lodge  on the granting by St. James Lodge the use of

                                their halls for the working or promulgation of degrees not recognised by  Grand Lodge.

                                R.W.M. and Secretary’s expenses to be paid.

29th. August,  1921. A special memorial service, Rev. Cairns Duncan officiating. R.W.M. having made fitting

                                                remark re. object of meeting;  namely to unveil the marble tablet and Roll of Honour which

                                                was done by Bros. A. Irvine and William  Kay. The Last Post was sounded by Bro. 

                                                Drum-Major Harper and concluded by singing  hymn 339. For All the Saints who from their

                                                labours Rest” which was sung with enthusiasm.

12th; September, 1921. letter from D.M. Goudielock as to what to put in the directory when it was decided to put in the Souter’s apron.

25th. September, 1922. Donation of six hassocks by Bro. Barnett.

9th. October, 1922. Presentation of Bible by Bro. Sam. McHarg,

25 th. Dec.1922. Purchase of 500 War Savings Certificates.

23rd. April, 1923. Proposed that Bro. Sloan paint the panels for the first, second and third degrees. Cost £15 to


12th. November, 1923. Request from Town Clerk re. Market Stone.

28th. April, 1924. Presentation of photo of Bro. McIntyre of Sorn .Past Substitute Grand Master.

8th. September, 1924. Presentation of Life Membership Bro.  A. Irvine our oldest member, 56 years, being

                                initiated in 1868.

25th.May, 1925. A letter was read from Lodge St. Paul’s granting use of their halls for sale of work on 7th. and 8th. August  free of charge. Secretary to write thanking them for their kindness.

21st. August, 1925. Report of sale of work. Amount drawn £171 :14:5d.

14th. December, 1925. Resignation of Bro. David Reid, Grand Secretary through illness and asked for

                                applicants for Grand Secretary at £750.

26th. February, 1926. The auditors again met on this date, those present were; John Muir, Auditor,

                                W.O Murchie, Robert Logan, David Hogarth, Secretary. Auditors having gone through the

                                books exhaustively and given Treasurer for all accounts and vouchers, and any ethers

                                explained by Secretary. The result of said scrutiny brought the total defaultations including the

                                 11/1d in the bank at £283-144-2 ½ d. which ended a thorough audit.

22nd. Nov. 1926. The R.W.M. intimated the death of Bro. Thomas Liddle who was a faithful worker in the

                                Lodge and whose services were much appreciated. A report was given by Bro. David Hogarth

                                 Secretary on his effort for the Lodge of a shilling fund. Amount raised - £47.

24th. December, 1926. Presentation of silver trowel with ivory handle with inscription engraved in recognition

                                of the 150th anniversary of the Lodge, 1771 - 1921 by D. Hogarth, Secretary.

27th. December, 1926. Letter road from Secretary of St. Paul’s granting the use of their temple and halls free for

                                our installation. Secretary returned, thanks.

10th. January,1927. Secretary reported purchasing  21 Brentwood and 40 ribbed folding chairs, at  2/- each.

                                Having consulted Bro. R. Kelso before doing so. Action endorsed by Lodge.

9th. May, 1927. Bro. A. Kerr moved notice of  motion that we revert back to The old temple, at the earliest

                                moment. Seconded by Bro. J. Loudoun.

12th. September, 1927. Lodge again back in the old temple. Death of  Bro. John Corrigan reported by Secretary.

15th. Feb. 1928. A circular was read. from Grand Lodge asking the Secy. to furnish them  with a list of old

diplomas and curios: and if possible photographs of  same. Secretary to send photo of  Souter’s       apron and copy of diploma.

22nd. March, 1928. R.W.M. intimated that Secy. Bro. D. Hogarth, had been admitted to the hospital since last

                                meeting and was now at home.

7 th. May, 1928. Secretary submitted proof photo taken of relics, namely Souter’s apron also one frame with

                                 two old diplomas. Diploma with Souter’s name as Junior Warden 1796. Also one diploma of


                                type 1808, also frame with copy diploma, showing Highland Mary’s lock of hair, and Burns’

                                 copy of letter.

14th. May, 1928. Photo of relics to be sent to Grand Lodge.

9th. September, 1929. Presentation of cable tows by Bro. Walter Brown.

23rd. September, 1929. The R.W.M. expressed regret at Bro.Hogarth’s  accident and hoped that he would have

                                a speedy recovery.

9th. June, 1930. The R.W.M. reported that there was a property for sale, Newnham School in Fullarton Street.

                                It was left in the hands of the General Committee to inquire into same. The Secretary also

                                intimated the death of Bro. G. Paton, P.M.. Committee appointed to report on every aspect re.

                                sale of Newham Halls. Committee -R.W.M., I.P.M. G.F. Short and Secretary.

10th. June, 1930. Combined committee of St. Paul’s and St. James to consider the question of united divine


23rd. June, 1930. A letter was road from Lodge St. Paul’s 204 stating that it was the unanimous feeling  of that

                                Lodge not to have united divine service church parade.

7th. July, 1930. Secretary then reported having offered £1,300 for Newnham School only, which included a 3ft.

                                right of way to be left through said property to take in coals and ashes, as the case might be.

                                After full consideration G.P. Short, Treasurer, moved that a small committee of four, namely,

                                R.W.M., I.P.M. Secretary, and Treasurer be in power to accept offer of said property on. lines

                                of Bro. Secretary ‘s report with the proviso that an additional sum of £100 to £200 be added to

                                offer to purchase the right of way; also all loose furniture.

14th. July, 1930. Secretary gave further report on Newham School and the new offer with no right of way

                                through said property this part having been carried through, with the assistance of Bro. John

                                Lusk, Provincial Grand Treasurer and Bro. William Gray, Prov. Grand Committee for the sum

                                of  £1,400.

28th. July, 1930. Special meeting called to empower purchase of  Newnham Halls, and carried unanimously.

1st.  Sept. 1930. The R.W.M. and Secretary reported the purchase of all loose furniture as required at £60.

                                Request by Town Clerk for the old portion of the Mercat Cross, above the entrance door. The

                                General Committee recommended that the Town get the said stone as  requested provided

                                they take it down and leave all in order.

8th. September, 1930. Death of Bro. Archibald Irvine, our oldest Brother. All property at New Bridge Street to

                                be disposed of.

22nd. Sept. 1930. Letter from Town Clerk, P.A.Thomson thanking the lodge for our gift of the portion of the

                                 Mercat Cross and stating that our letter would he submitted to the next meeting of the Council

                                and have the matter minuted so that there  may be a reference preserved of the gift and of the

                                history of the stone.

13th October, 1930. Temporary Hall-keeper appointed on the motion of Bro. McCrorie and seconded by

Bro. Wm. Cowan.

20th. October, 1930. General Committee and co-opted members considered various matters, the outcome of

                                which you see.

4th. Nov. 1930. Bro. A. McCrorie, S.M. then moved we advertise on board at the lodge, and prepared to accept

                                loans from the brethren at 2½ % which was seconded by Bro. McWhirter.

22nd. December, 1930. Secretary read letter from I.L.P. with offer to purchase our old premises for the sum of

                                £400. Bro. William Hendry moved we accept said offer, but to exclude antique gasoliers and

                                brackets. seconded by Bro. A. McCallum.

12 th. January, 1931. Bro. W. N. Spence with the authority of social Club, stated that through their various

                                functions had. acquired 50 special whist tables, also a complete set of dishes to suit a party of

                                100, with the St. James crest  on them, and now formally handed them over to the custody of

                                the lodge as their property.

26th. January; 1931. Secretary made reference to the gifts of Mrs. Garven, widow of a deceased Brother, of one

                                old picture of Masonic emblems, also one of Robert Burns at Edinburgh with key to same.

9 th. February, 1931. Ayr Royal Arch decided. to lend to St. James £90 by instalments as required.

16th. February, 1931. Bro. Wm. Hendry then presented to the lodge a handsome sword which was appreciated

                                very much.

22nd. February, 1931. Secretary intimated that he had received a donation from the secretary of the Burns Club

                                being the result of a Whist Drive.

9th. April, 1931 Offers opened and contracts settled. Bro.

                                                                Win. Dunlop                         Joiner.

                                                                D. Hogarth                            Plumbers and  Electricians.

                   Glen & Galbraith. Plasterers

                   Fred. Feggans.                      Mason

                   D.G. Fraser                            Painter.

                   Bro. Wm.Cowie of Lodge 204 — Architect.

10th. July, 1931. When the lodge brethren to the number of 46 took part in the procession, there being about 500

                            in all for the laying of the memorial stone of the  Ayr New County Buildings, part of  the

                          ceremony being performed by the Provincial Grand Lodge headed by Lieutenant  General Sir

                          Aylmer Hunter-Weston, Provincial Grand Master and the ceremony being completed by His

                          Royal Highness the Duke of York, K. C. B. who was accompanied by Her Royal Highness the

                          Duchess of York. The ceremony being over the brethren returned to St. Paul’s Lodge and were

                          entertained to light refreshment.

17th. August, 1931. There was a motion put forward by Bro. Walter Brown that the officers be photographed

                                along with the Past Masters and that same be hung up on the lodge.

12th. September, 1931. Consecration of Lodge premises, The new promises in 26 Fullarton Street were duly consecrated by Bro. Lieut. General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, Provincial Grand Master and his office bearers, there being 240 brethren present from all over the province. The Provincial Grand Master thanked the brethren of the Lodge and the R.W.M.  and Secretary for their efforts in securing such fine premises. He was delighted with all he had seen. Thereafter Bro.McCrorie the R.W.M. presented the Provincial Grand Master with a beautiful Cromwellian Clock which he appreciated very much, not so much for the gift, but for the thought that prompted the giving. The Provincial Grand Master made special reference to the beautiful  Candelabra. At this stage Bro. Cooper of Lodge St. Paul’s 204 presented on behalf of his Lodge a beautiful bible with the inscription thereon.

“To commemorate  the friendship that has existed between the two lodges”.

Bro. A. McCrorie of St. James returned thanks for this very beautiful gift. After which they all adjourned to the lower halls for high tea and harmony.


                                Thus ended another era of St. James Lodge.



I might state that several gifts have since been added, picture of King Edward by

 Bro. A. McCallum, Candelabra in the East by Bro. D Hogarth, Secretary, and other gifts of untiring efforts of the Social and General Committee, who have helped to make the result so



There is one other contractor who has not been mentioned in the contractors’ list, that is.

                                                Glaziers.                 A.S. Wright & Co.
                                                Blacksmiths           J. Thomson & Sons.




.............to be continued...........